Leah R. Kyaio


Selfish Altruism

  Developing solutions, not to change the World, but to teach and empower people to change their worlds so we can ALL change the World TOGETHER! Welcome to the idea of Selfish Altruism, the idea that I am not helpless, that the World is not hopeless, that I can do something to make it a


Do you believe we can eliminate bullying?

I am often amazed when talking with people. Many don’t understand when they have experienced bullying behavior as a target or as a bystander.  They seem to think that unless someone touches them – with a punch, a hit, a trip, a poke – that there hasn’t been any bullying behavior.  They seem somewhat amazed


Bullying as the exception instead of the rule?????

It’s October, “Bully Awareness Month.” But bullying awareness is pretty popular – in presentations, professional development, conferences, and school assemblies.  AND it’s important.  AND we seem to, after decades, only be scratching the surface.  AND the “right” people don’t seem to be at the table.  Probably a correlation between not getting far and who’s at