Selfish Altruism


Developing solutions, not to change the World, but to teach and empower people to change their worlds so we can ALL change the World TOGETHER!

world hands small

Welcome to the idea of Selfish Altruism, the idea that I am not helpless, that the World is not hopeless, that I can do something to make it a better place, a sustainable place.

How is that possible? What is this idea of Selfish Altruism and how does it apply?

Selfish Altruism is the idea that if I acquire and apply the skills to respect first myself, then others, and finally my World – I change my world. In turn others are changing theirs. By the time there are just 16% of us in any one community doing it, we are trending – destined to create the change we want and need within that community.

Think about how that would change the World!

And it starts with me. It starts with you.

Selfish Altruism is built on the concept that we all develop from the inside out: first clearly developing and defining who “I” am, which iI WE US Spiralnforms and allows me to develop interpersonal relationships between “we,” and through those interpersonal relationships, developing, defining and impacting our “us” – our communities and World.

That development is not a singular, linear experience; it’s a spiral that repeats throughout our lifetime.

You see, as toddlers we define our “I” clearly and loudly. From that empowered “I” we begin to define and learn about our relationships with the people in our direct world and those relationships, in turn, expand to become our community.

We do it again as young children entering school.

Then again as adolescents.

Then as young adults.

As adults in our family and/or work lives.

Next as we enter middle age.

Once more as we retire.

Again as we age and settle into our slowing down.

Finally, as we expand and move forward as elders the opportunity will continue as long as we walk in physical form.

Where does it all begin? See that little red asterisk in the picture above? That’s where it starts – with the “I.”

Not all of us got this started well. Our childhood, our experiences…  they’ve gotten in the way of truly loving ourselves, valuing who we are and what we have to offer.  In turn, that’s gotten in the way of loving others and our World.

But that’s okay.

Together, we can change that!!

I’d like to take you on this journey with me of acquiring and using the skills we need to respect and love, first ourselves, then others, and finally my community and world.

It’s a commitment first and foremost to yourself.

I’m writing a series of eWorkbooks to take us on this journey together. The first part of the series, as our spiral makes clear, is “Loving Me.”

The first eBook is available today for just $2.99. Check it out here.