What? Why?

With Respect

was born out of the need to nurture and support everyone PLAYING NICE IN THE SANDBOX.  It is about educators coming together and creating communities that truly respect and honor diversity and walk their talk of inclusion, cultural competence, equal opportunity, and safety.

The work, programs, projects, and curricula here as well as my speaking, training, and consulting are all about cultural competence, non-violence, and conflict negotiation.  Those are long-winded words for a focus on anti-bullying, classroom culture, challenging behaviors, classroom management, closing achievement/opportunity gaps, and eliminating discipline disparities in education.

Leah & Sampson
Leah & Sampson

From my perspective, the primary issue in education is a SKILLS GAP.  Teachers, parents, students, administrators, and their communities lack the skills they need to meet the needs of all the students and staff in the schools.  I have a piece of the solution.  I offer tools and skills that allow teachers to teach, students to learn, and everyone to play nice in the sandbox.